In today’s time, the modern furniture industry has become a perfect amalgamation of fashion and functionality. Because as customer’s needs keep on changing with changing time; hence furniture designers required to adjust as per current challenges. Thus 3D Parametric modeling comes into existence where the aspect ratio is kept all together and one-dimensional variation can be made; keeping other dimensional changes updated across the model. It allows designers to get multiple configurations by characterising total classes of shapes using the same set of components. Another essential benefit of parametric modeling is to save lead time and simultaneously reduces design to production sequence. This technology utilises attribute-based and designing tools as per the requirements so as to generate life-like models for potential buyers. Below mentioned are some of the essential features of 3D CAD Parametric modeling:-

  1. A) Minimum changes- In the parametric modelling, there is no need to create new designs right from the scratch. In the 3D furniture modeling, even small dimensional changes can create aesthetically engaging designs and different alternatives before finalisation of the model take place.
  2. B) Lesser Cost-In the field of 3D CAD furniture modeling, designers can easily cut down the cost of delivering unstable furniture designs. Due to analytical tool like FEA (Finite Element Analysis), simulation effects on final product can be easily created as if in real loading condition before manufacturing process starts off.
  3. C) Flexible designs-One of the biggest advantage of 3D CAD parametric modeling is its essential feature of flexibility in designs without changing entire models. Any specific alteration in dimensions can be easily being carried out for making furniture design models. Thus major design lead time can be saved and helps in performing seamless communication between furniture designers and manufacturing shop floor engineers.

At C-Design, our dedicated professionals provide detailed architectural modeling services that cover all aspects of residential and industrial architectural designing right from small stand-alone residential complex to the huge commercial building so as to provide the most efficient final layout. Once our team receives clients project details in form of hand-drawn sketches, PDF images, electronic images, scanning images, or AutoCAD files then we can easily convert them into Revit format or even customised and personalise the design as per our client’s requirements at the most economical rates and within the stipulated time frame. One of the biggest advantages of Revit modeling is about automatically updating floor plans, sections, elevation, and 3d views. Also through 3D visualisation, our clients can see proposed designs before the process of the actual making of building starts. Contact us anytime and we would be more than happy to serve your requirements.