Advantages of 3D Product Visualisation against conventional methods

In our more than a decade of catering to leading global brand managers and brand heads for their 2D and 3D Art services under our outsource creative design services we have realised 3D product visualisation is here to stay, it’s one of the most trending way of visual merchandising over the internet more specifically on e-commerce portals. We have realised there are number of advantages that 3D product visualisation offers over conventional branding through marketing collateral.

Create digital replica of actual product:  Conventional brochure and catalogues provide a plane 2D images of any product which would be representing a single perspective of the product, against which 3D product model or 3D product visualisation would create a more appealing product replica in a 3 dimensional space. One could also look at creating multiple perspectives by changing the specifications in 3D product model.

Creating interactive product prototypes: Many a times customers wish to take a look at product prototypes from different angles or by re-shaping or re-sizing; this particular requirement could not be fulfilled by any conventional physical prototype and is only possible with 3D product models. Many of leading brand managers approaches us with their requirement to have more interactive prototypes which customers could interact with and could assist customers in taking satisfying and informed decision before buying a product.

Ensure customer satisfaction through product validation: Today market place for most of the products is so cluttered that there’s hardly any time for the marketers to check product’s market acceptability and re-launch any product. 3D product modelling and 3D product visualisation techniques have made this really easy for the product developers to check and validate the product acceptability through surveys and prototype roll outs even before the first physical prototype is developed. This exercise not only saves the cost of re-working but more importantly it saves the launch timing.