Difference between Sculpturing &Modeling

 Right from the inception of 3D Modeling and Sculpturing or we can say launch of 3DMax and ZBrush we have been hearing about difference between Sculpture or Sculpturing and Model or Modeling. As an industry leaders with more than a decade of experience in designing more than a million designs on numerous platforms we very confidently say that though these concepts seems to overlap but there exist a line of difference between the two.


Let’s start with the basic definition of two in Designs industry. Digital sculpting also known as 3D sculpting could be defined as application of a designing software which offer tools to push, pull, smooth, grab, pinch or otherwise manipulate a digital object as it were made of a real-time material such as clay; on the other hand 3D modeling or three-dimensional modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any 3D surface of an object.


Also we classify sculpting as the process of undertaking a low detail or detail free model and mucking around with subjected low detailed model as if it were a clay model, cleansing details iteration after iteration until one gets those obscenely detailed forms on the other hand we classify Modeling a lot more depended on the base structure (though base structure is important to both but is more immediately obvious in modeling as compared to sculpting), Technically Modeling comes down to individual polygons and the way they interact with each other; we suggest readers of this post to check for themselves, topology thread in the organic section.


As experts in designs industry we strongly suggest young and budding designers to prefer going with Modeling techniques over Sculpting if given a choice; Though it may look daunting and challenging in the beginning, also one may not be able to notice quick benefits but it certainly adds a radical value by understanding proper structure and topology of the model as compared with working on details on a hollow structure. We consider adding high details to a low poly-model as invaluable overall.