In the field of AEC industries, Utility and Infrastructure are often used interchangeably. Utilities companies include drainage, sewer system, air conditioning, water and electricity supplies, television and data services etc. In today’s time, utility sector is adopting BIM technology because of its different design and engineering requirements. Because of Utility sector Adopting BIM technology helps in improving facility management, operational efficiencies and improves overall utilities. Benefits of BIM technology for utility construction includes as mentioned below:-

  1. A) Help in minimising interferences and field clashes-BIM technology helps reducing field clashes and interferences with existing infrastructures and utilities through 3D models which ensure that all manufactured elements fit in the field
  2. B) Full integration of site plans and topographical surveys for coordinating physical assets
  3. C) Simulation and visualization enhances existing infrastructures and utilities; facilitates model for engineering analysis
  4. D) Project planning with mapping and imaging tools helps in building accurate building environment
  5. E) Integration of BIM technology with all erection and construction phases helps in reducing time factor and project overall cost.

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