Importance of Internal Elevation Drawings

In our last industry insight article we discussed what exactly internal elevation is and as a one of the critical architecture drawing what all details it includes; internal elevation of a particular wall is the drawing that detail out a wall with its accessories, fixtures and sanitary ware as if the user (or viewer) is facing it front on at the eye-level. In this article we would like to highlight some of the key benefits of including internal elevation drawings in the whole set of architecture drawings delivery.


On macro level when it comes to internal elevation drawings it helps in a clear visualisation for designing some of the key and difficult to change interior design elements like doors, windows, power points and sanitary fittings. By finalising the design, position and sizes of critical interior design elements, other dependant elements could also be finalised based on internal elevation drawings like cladding, wall finishes, extent of tiling around bath, sink or window and others.


In our experience of architecture drawings under architectural service we have seen many developers and builders showing casing either only floor plans with aerial view of their cabinetry layout or internal elevation drawings with minimal design details which unfortunately many a times gets either misinterpreted or it opens up room for errors in future. Many a time’s absence of internal elevation drawings have also resulted in cabinetry plugged into the space without design consideration or operational functionality resulting in operational and functional issues which ultimately drives expensive and un-called for changes in future.


Unfortunately many a times we have observed that in case plans are released with minimal or no specific detailing, it leaves a big gap and area of error for both builder and owner to sort things out on-site as per the requirements, needs and finally costing. Which ultimately result in overall plan or design or aesthetics going for a toss. Many of our esteemed clients have also shared with us their past bad experiences where they were asked to get the entire aesthetics re-worked.

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