May 3, 2018


    Pop art movement started in 1950’s but got its full potential in 1960 in England. This term pop art means popular art wherein artist tried to break the barrier between life and art that technology made in cities. Pop art is the art that ranges from popular culture wherein images comes from advertisement, comic, streets, road signs or anything that artists see around them. These artists tried to show that everything in the world is interconnected.


    Another important characteristic of pop art is the use of vivid colors, the Pop artist uses bright colours like blue, yellow, and red as these colours are the first things which people see which generally comes off in comic books. And when people take a closer look, there comes strong idea or message behind them.


    Pop art which gets originated from England in the 1950’s made commentary on contemporary society and culture. The main subjects these artists focused on are comic strips, celebrities, product packaging and advertising. Images were created which are made on these subjects with the combination of humor, irony, and criticism after redesigning them in the art world.Pop art that precede postmodern art is said to have decrease gap between “high” and “low art”.


    The main materials used for pop art were acrylic, polyester and form rubbers which are majorly used in mid-20th century. Some of the leading pop artists were Roy Lichtenstein who worked with comic books, Wayne Thieved who worked with lots of nostalgic and humorous contents, Andy Warhol who was the main representative of pop art apart from being a filmmaker.The ironic comic was considered as the main feature of pop art which had used illustrations, comic, and advertising as the main inspiration for these artists.


    Following are the main features of pop art

    1. The main subject is removed from original context-Pop artist remove main elements from its original context by replacing it with some social commentary twists on it.
    2. Variouscolour – One of the primary eye-catching features of pop art is its use of different colours shades in advertising and popular culture.
    3. Humour is the key ingredient-Pop artist uses humor in all of their masterpiece works by recreating artworks in their own way.
    4. Daily life as an inspiration for them- Pop artist take inspirations from day to day activities either from popular recognisable tv shows, product, advertisements, trends, movie or even a person.


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