There is no limit for learning when it comes to matter about painting and drawing .Drawing in simple terms means making marks on surface. In order to become perfect artist all you need is time, desire, practice and instructions .There are certain important tips that need to be considered while determining a perfect drawing.There is one of the famous saying by Sylvia Plath “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt”. So one should remain stay in self-doubting situation. Many photographers, artists, painters, sculptors, describe certain drawing tips right for amateurs to professionals can do to tackle creative work


1. Drawing is one type of skill – Drawing means all about magical activity which one can learn and become professional artist as well. Many people have ability to draw right from their birth.


2. Observation is key tool –Drawing is all about seeing. One has to carefully observe objects and then should decide about to draw. Just like taking picture, we need to put camera on it .In same way whenever we need to draw something ,carefully understand and observe it well then make clear image in mind. Secondly try to make shapes as they are considered as basic step before drawing any image. Draw the shapes then draw the outlines. This will help in getting speed also.



3. Properly use line quality – Whether there is requirement of thick or thin line should be clear in mind. Many objects need thin line while in other areas thicker lines are required. Also be consistent in your drawing .Should feel just like artist have sketched everything on surface.



4. Try different ways -Never consider drawing as stiff one. Try using pencils with different angles whenever you want to write something.Draw with your shoulder instead of your wrist by moving your whole arm when you make a mark. For e.g. : if you want to draw any object then draw many times its light lines and among few trails choose the right one when you draw several of them.



5. Practice and Practice – There is no substitute of practice. The more you work upon as an artist more clarity you can achieve as an whole. Whenever you come across any object, observe it and try to draw it with different angles and then think about its shapes or medium in which it is drawn or how much light affects needed for it .Always carry sketchbook with you and through lot of observation and practice, draw as much as objects as you can.