Important tips about virtual reality

May 8, 2018

    Tips about virtual reality

    Virtual reality means its mixed form of both the words i.e. virtual and reality. Virtual means which is near to us and reality is all about that human’s experiences in their world. So in nutshell, it means near reality or a specific type of reality emulation. Our body is made up of 5 senses and mind which is a powerhouse helps in balancing our senses thereby making a mechanism for that information. But if we provide our mind with made-up information then our perspective changes accordingly. In technical language, it can be described as the 3d computer-generated environment in which human beings can interact and explore it by getting immersed within it and thus can manipulate objects or perform actions with the help of it.

    START IT SMALL- Those who are new to this field of virtual reality should start it small instead of creating an entire world at the first shot. Everyone goes small start initially i.e. small size projects.


    Try to get knowledge about 3d space-Simulator sickness is also one of the prime factors of Virtual reality so make sure to understand it properly and decide about targeted audiences and then adapt to the experience accordingly as VR could be awesome after experience or awful to someone or in the worst case can even make nauseating.


    Understand visual language-VR is considered as the perfect medium where any story or idea can be explained in 1 sec. Also equally important to understand composition and color in particular as images fulfill our mind. So one should polish it and perfectly create VR images so as to stand out from the rest.


    Make use of different technologies-VR is a combination of the different fields of audio design, film, games sectors etc. Being a starter, if you are not expert in all these fields but at least have little knowledge of them. This will helps in creating smoothly attractive and engaging this 3d world of virtual reality for your audiences.


    Understand audiences mindset-Think about targeted audiences like what would attract them more. For e.g. whether its theatre, game, film and then decide to translate it into VR. After deciding this, think about related technologies, ongoing things which are developed or those in imaginations etc. Also, it’s equally essential and fairly advisable to take ideas or information from the experts in this field who can create VR experiences for different brands or can guide further regarding the future anticipation of this field.

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