Teaching is big profession and    they perform difficult task for imparting education for those kids who are impatient,inattentive and dreamy.Most of students pay less attention even for short duration. The ultimate loss is, they will be not able to recall the information, and their learning will be impaired.Human being is not designed for lots of information for long hours.And this is the reason traditional classroom teachers are in constant battle to make them more attentive. But the tools and methods they are implementing are wrong in today’s scenario. Info graphic means visual like graphs, charts, tables, and icons, and thus break complex data in an easy-to-understand dynamic stories.As human being are visual creatures and half of the brain is dedicated to visual functions.Thus it is striking that our brain process images 60,000 times quicker than it processes text.

Visual literacy is exclusive way of transmission information through graphs,chart tables which is easy way of examination that leads to deeper thinking and richer engagement amongst the viewers. This creation of meeting is one of the prime aims of teachers and educationists. With the help of infographic, educator can broaden visual literacy power of student .Info graphic are not only powerful tool for teaching but also massive source of entertainment and fun. Business analyst, marketing group uses info graphic in their field for visualisation of complex information in easy digest able schools for deeper scientific learning process info graphics should be inculcated into schools so that students learn essential skills and their visual skills can be improved upon.


Best way of inculcating infograhics in class room is to discuss among students and teachers can show them info graphics with help of drawings, nice and vibrant colors, graphs, charts, tables, etc.Teachers should spend some quality time with students for getting samples online and thus students can get idea about what extent infographic is versatile. Also teachers can perform task for asking few questions to students like asking them meaning and explain infographic topic. Asking students about actual purpose of infographic .Also now a day’s kindergarten teachers ask kids about infographic in playful tone, asking kids to recognise about color, or image shown, and what do they see on infographicetc