Latest information related to the Graphic Design of 2019

February 27, 2019

    The word graphic design is all related to communicating design through ideas which get transferred to images and words in magazine, books, and advertisements. Thus such visual and textual contents like words, images or graphics majorly impact ideas so as to reach targeted audiences through posters, printed materials, advertisements packages etc.

    Mixtures of Virtual and Mixed Reality-With the growing trends of mixing virtual and mixed reality, lots of devices are becoming common for these technologies like mixing of tangible animation and cartoonist elements. Such types of designs are mainly used in ads, websites, short videos and even nowadays in the gaming industry. The only trick for using such design techniques is to blend both the latest technologies and engage targeted audiences in order to engage them with such type of content.

    Use of gradients-Gradients is used everywhere like in video overlays, photos, inside images etc. Bright color gradients are used everywhere and subtle colored gradients are used in typography and illustrations.

    Blobs and moving shapes-This formless shape moving trend in the background is considered as a bright and funky element of the design pattern. Even some fun elements can be easily added in the design pattern which gives more engagements to their users. Blobs are all related to a bright color factor which acts as leading part or eye tracking constituent for their users whenever they are navigating these designs.

    Real imaginary-Nowadays authentic images are leading in design projects in which all elements look like connected to each other in a less polished manner. The best parts of such images are not only about looking real but also it creates more user engagements with a different style. These images help many corporate who are using them for their brand enrichments and enhancements in their social media column. Also, such images require higher screen resolutions apart from higher photo quality.

    Minimal navigation-One of the latest trend of graphic design is all about having minimum navigation and many times there are hidden elements. Such type of design pattern creates a larger canvas and the user can feel more soothing and modernize experience.

    Use of still life elements-The use of 3d still life elements in the design pattern creates more user engagements with the help of real or created objects. Such type of design requires representation of the product placements which might look real and elaborative and creates a highly engaging canvas. In a nutshell, it looks like imagination in action.

    Use of bright colors-Nowadays there is high-level trend of color palates which are generally used in websites, promotions and even during the redesign of websites projects. This year graphic designer is not restricted to 2 or 3 colors but using bright colored palates in appealing shapes and typography for their designs. That’s why rainbow inspired palates is considered as the current trend of graphic design of 2019.

    At C-Design we craft design on basic marketing principles ensuring your company achieves the desired business goals. We believe to integrate client’s vision of design with our creativity so that proper branding process forms through graphics .This will create long lasting brand impression among target audiences on different platforms whether it’s in print or web.

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