BIM technology plays a crucial role in healthcare construction projects for enhancing collaboration between different stakeholders-designers, developers, architects, owners, engineers, fabricators, etc. BIM technology helps in the formation of new hospitals /healthcare units that are based on fully integrated rich information for designs, approvals, and construction operations. Also, it helps in reducing waste at each stage of a construction project. Below mentioned are some of the major benefits of BIM technology:-

  1. A) Enhances better coordination between stakeholders-One of the biggest advantage of this technology is to enhance better coordination between team members so as to gain better clarity on the scope of work, project roles, and responsibilities, etc. Also, coordination helps in saving extra cost and drastically reduces rework, and streamlines the entire construction process.
  2. B) Better space management- The healthcare sector relies majorly on effective and efficient space management because this technology plays a crucial role in their overall development technology helps in providing space-optimised units for healthcare personnel and patients along with a comfortable atmosphere for them. This technology allows for energy calculations, accurate room dimensions, lighting systems, placement of healthcare devices, walking areas, etc.

In this pandemic situation, BIM technology is an essential tool to fight within this global construction sector. Organisations working with BIM technology integrated with different technologies like AR, VR, BI, integrated Data management helps in giving a competitive edge as compares with other players in the market. At C-DESIGN, we provide enriched BIM models with accurate digital information that can be accessible, searchable, useful to all types of stakeholders and can save major time and costs factors in the daily maintenance, operations and transactions of the building projects.