BIM is all about smart 3d modeling process that provides informational tools and structures for designers, architects, engineers to easily and efficiently plan, design, modify, construct infrastructure, and building projects. Thus BIM process structures consist of modifying, exchanging, reusing, and sharing data so as to increase accuracy and reduce errors. In today’s time, BIM technology has become a standard for different Architecture, Engineering, and construction sector. Below mentioned are some common mistakes made during BIM implementation:-

1) Not updating as per the latest BIM technology- BIM technology is constantly changing and needs evolving and revamping. On the basis of requirements, it is essential to involve the right tools and technology along with having powerful and advanced systems. Thus it becomes essential for BIM modelers to train and update their skills as per the latest technology.

2) High-Low quality of 3D content-It becomes essential for 3D modelers to balance out the proper flow of 3D in formations for e.g. Revit families so that building projects don’t suffer from issues like

  • Overutilization of content-This may lead to the formation of large files as compared to actual designing work
  • Underutilization of content-This may create overloaded excessive designing work.

3) Lack of quality check-Quality checks is considered a crucial factor so as to increases the scope of improvement and correction in the designs. Thus it helps in checking the following parameters like

  • Absence of proper industry standards
  • Issues like duplication or mislaid elements
  • Issues of constructability

4) Absence of a BIM execution plan-It is believed that BIM implementation is useful only for big scale projects. But effective BIM execution plans consist of the following factors like basic goals/objectives, defining accurate infrastructure requirements, smooth and effective flow of information exchange protocol, and efficient overall execution process. Thus proper BIM execution plan helps in avoiding any hassles, minute faults, excessive cost expenditure, and saves a lot of time factors.

At C-Design, we require inputs from the client’s side in form of CAD drawings, rough ideas, images in any formats, 2D files, PDF images, hand-drawn sketches so that output PDF files, 2D or 3D Revit files can be presented within stipulated time frame.BIM software proves to be valuable not only to designing engineers but also for consultants, construction builders, cost management, and project management fields. We are responsible for providing complete sustainable BIM solutions whether personalized or customized right from schematic designs to construction of documents for different construction companies like retail, industrial, residential, health or education, etc. We are a perfect amalgamation of full domain knowledge, an outstanding experience of more than 15 years with a talented professional team of BIM engineers who provide consistent and high-quality services at a global platform. We always look forward to the client’s inputs/inquiries and ready to serve as per their requirements.