Other Services

2D Art Services

Outsource 3D Modeling under C- Design, we are able to create unique 2D art services
with a team of dedicated professionals who will be able to satisfy client requirements
within the stipulated time frame. Our 2D art expert team will be able to cater various
Art asset designs which is of different style and for the various genre. We offer to
create exclusive 2D design which might vary according to each customer needs.

VFX Outsourcing Services

Outsource 3D Modeling under C- Design will be able to provide top-notch VFX
solutions to clients all over the globe. Our professional VFX team having vast
expertise can take up intricate VFX projects.We offer to help clients in developing their
own videos via services such as pre-visualization, matte painting, concept design, 3D
animation, on-set supervision, compositing and other television projects, etc.

Architectural Design Services

Our professional Architecture team can cater customized possible solutions as per
client’s expectation and requirements. Outsource 3D Modeling under C- Design offer a
complete range of architectural services ( initial pre-design planning till construction
administration) for domestic & International clients which will be fulfilled within the
stipulated timeframe and as per budget allocation.

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