Retail Space Planning to have Cutting Edge in the Cut-Throat Competition (Part – 3)

Having discussed what is and all the benefits associated with having a proper space planning for the retail store layout in previous blogs under ‘Retail Space Planning to have Cutting Edge in the Cut-Throat Competition’ series, in this and upcoming blogs we ‘ll be focusing more on our experience of working with some of the leading retailers across geographies under our Outsource Architectural Services banner and the suggested way or steps to be followed while space planning the retail store. To start space planning for the retails store on local or global scale the very first step is to understand some of the most common space planning options available. As discussed in earlier blogs the overall key objective to for strategizing and getting the well planned store layout executed is to direct window shoppers to get converted to customers and get customers converted to loyal Brand Advocates.


Step 1: To evaluate layout options and decide upon the store layout to work with.

Primarily basis the product to be sold and the experience a retailer wishes to create for its target customers he/she could decide upon the store layout options from six macro level options like angular layout, grid layout, forced-path layout, diagonal layout, free-flow layout, and loop layout.

As one of the leading Interior Designing service provider, we have experience of working with most of these options on behalf of our global retail clients under our Outsource Architectural Services banner.


Free-Flow Layout: The first type of layout we‘ll be discussing is more diverse and asymmetric setup of free-flow layout. A free flow layout allows customers to roam around freely and explore and take a look at all the stock categories and displayed merchandises on more random basis. One of the key advantages of such free-flow layout is that it gives an immense scope of creativity to the retailers to try out and change store settings as per the season and customer mood. Many a times we have seem most of our esteemed global retail clients in speciality retail business preferring to go with such layouts globally. Our highly experienced team of designers ensure an interior design space planning which opens up the entire sightlines of the entire store, which ensure a clear display of all the merchandise categories more visible and engaging. Many a times attractive and complimenting colours as per the merchandise categories are user as the directional path for customers to follow once they enter the store.


Our Interior designers under our Outsource Architectural Services portfolio has experience of designing many such large to small scale format stores in free-flow store layout. These free flow layouts are quite popular with speciality products stores like cosmetics and designer fashion wear, gift articles, toys and display articles and more.

We ‘ll be discussing more on the other store layouts, retailers prefer to have in our upcoming blog.

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