Review of Latest 3D Model and 3D Print Tools

 Since 2005 we have been catering to number of Industries and Brands for their creative designs related needs, during our more than a decade of experience we have seen number of trends shaping up designs industry. As an expert team of designers, architects and engineers, under this article we review some of the recently launched designing platforms &tools in the market.
To initiate the lists let’s start with the upgrade of Cinema 4D, the recently upgraded R18 version of Cinema 4D have been a submissive reactions as the new features are taking its own sweet time to settle into designer’s workflow. As a monograph module it’s deeply integrated which enables users to break apart meshes, including parametric, with endless control & variation. Yet another fun feature is notable additions & re-working on knife tool with great interface enhancements.

Next in our list is 3D Scan a platform where designers are able to scan objects directly. Though we are in an industry where designers can’t escape generating meshes, as a trend we have seen number of ways to accomplish this task traditionally using polygon modeling techniques, through NURBS following high resolution sculpting and now scanning the objects directly. Though the setup and the scanning apparatus is still expensive but we see cost coming down comparatively.

Despite of series of trends shaping the game industry & numerous developments happening on software front still one of the challenges faced by this industry had been replicating hair and fur. Neoglypic have come up with a full-on fuzzy surfaces plugin for Unity, we have experienced some great results using this tool as it also support LODs, ambient occlusion and self-shadowing. Good News for the designers using painting for textures, Corel is coming up with Painter 2017 with some really awesome features to be offered to the painting fans who work on more natural and organic textures as compared to standard material system.