In the field of the AEC industry, there are many players who work together to makes a successful project. After integrating different entities to form a single industry, engineers, architects, designers, contractors, clients, owners, etc work together towards the organizational common goal of growth and development.AEC industry consists of Architectural, Engineering, and construction sectors that work in proper integration by utilizing their specialization to achieve a common goal.

Architectural discipline- In this sector, architects design construction building, refurbishment, and restoration of the current buildings. These designs are not only functional but also complaint with building laws and regulations. Architects help to develop a sense of operation, records daily budgets, manages the bidding process, quantifies the building project, works with engineering and construction teams, etc

Engineering discipline-In this sector, professionals like civil engineers works with maintenance and construction project like roads, dams, large buildings, utility supply facilities, etc performs activities like project’s overall budget, safety and progress on construction sites, adherence with government regulations, etc

Construction discipline-In this sector, construction project managers works with skilled subcontractor and contractors for various activities like working in integration with engineers, architects, employees, and subcontractors etc.

At C-DESIGN, we provide effective designing and drafting solutions to structural designers, MEP consultants, engineers, etc with the help of professional drafters, architects, engineers to work accurately as per clients’ requirements within the stipulated time frame and allocated budget.

Our services for engineering sectors include:-

  1. A) Structural BIM services
  2. B) BIM coordination services
  3. C) Mechanical BIM services
  4. D) HVAC BIM services
  5. E) BIM clash detection system
  6. F) CAD drawings services
  7. G) Electrical BIM services
  8. H) Piping and Plumbing BIM services
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