Space Planning – The Key to Interior Design’s Success (Part 2)

we ‘ll talk about our experience of undertaking space planning task either as a stand along job or as the part of complete interior designing project under our Outsource Architectural Services banner. As highlighted in earlier blog we‘ll start with detailing out the intangibles before moving to tangibles of the space planning.

  1. Space or Room Functionality: There were times when architectural drawings and interior designs used to have dedicated spaces for specific function or utility. Classic example of this is dedicated living and dining rooms getting converted to living cum dining area; such flexibility in design offers designers to think out of the box and produce creative yet functional design outputs. Moreover as per our experience with our global clients, the key point for any designer to consider while working on such space planning task is to design spaces (could be combined) keeping functionality aspect at the centre of design.
  2. Usability: After gaining an in-depth understanding of the functional aspect of the space / room next task for designer under space planning is to acquire an in-depth understanding of the space usability, primarily understanding how many and what kind of people are going to use a particular space and what is going to be the purpose of using the space under consideration. This understanding would not only help a designer to design the space as per the usability aspect but also would help him / her to understand if there’s an existing furniture then could it be reutilised or it has to move out and get replaced with a new furniture.
  3. Aesthetics: It is said that ‘Home is a place that reflects who live in their’, its considered as the reflection of its habitant’s persona and taste. After acquiring a good in-depth understanding of space’s functionality and usability, the next and one of the most critical task for any interior designer of a space planner is to understand the end user or client’s persona and taste. In our experience of more than a decade of serving global clients, we have an expertise of designing home interiors which ranges from being cool and jazzy to being minimal and cozy. There’s no right or wrong Aesthetic appeal to a home, for an interior designer what’s critical is how well he/she is able to get the user’s persona reflected in the home aesthetics.



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