"At C-DESIGN, our dedicated and skilled VFX team is committed to bringing imagination to life, providing top-notch VFX solutions on both domestic and international fronts. With remarkable expertise, we excel in delivering intricate VFX projects, serving diverse industries such as Media, Advertising, Science and Technology, Entertainment, and Gaming. Our visual effects offerings encompass: 1. Special Effects: Enhancing live-action scenes 2. Digital Effects: Creating realistic environments 3. Modeling: Crafting 3D models of characters or props 4. Compositing: Merging various visual elements into a cohesive image 5. Matte Painting: Providing background plates for particle effects, 3D characters, and digital sets 6. Animation: Bringing objects/characters to life in both 3D and 2D realms. This comprehensive range ensures that we meet the unique needs of our clients across various sectors."

VFX Services