“2D Art Services

Within C-Design’s Outsource 3D Modeling division, we excel in delivering distinctive 2D art services. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to meeting client requirements within specified timelines. The expertise of our 2D art team encompasses a wide range of art asset designs, varying in style and catering to different genres. We specialize in creating exclusive 2D designs tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

VFX Outsourcing Services

Under C-Design’s Outsource 3D Modeling umbrella, we provide premier VFX solutions to clients worldwide. Our highly skilled VFX team is equipped to handle intricate projects, offering services such as pre-visualization, matte painting, concept design, 3D animation, on-set supervision, compositing, and other television projects. We assist clients in developing their own videos with top-notch expertise.

Architectural Design Services

Our professional architecture team offers customized solutions that align with clients’ expectations and requirements. Outsource 3D Modeling under C-Design provides a comprehensive range of architectural services, from initial pre-design planning to construction administration. We cater to both domestic and international clients, ensuring timely fulfillment and adherence to budget allocations.”

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