The floor plan, as the name implies, involves the representation of 2D or 3D scale drawings that depict a room’s layout, showcasing the placement of windows, doors, walls, and fixed installations like kitchen cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, and appliances from an overhead perspective. It also illustrates exterior areas and furniture layouts. The floor plan offers various benefits, including time and cost savings, whether setting up a new office space, showcasing new build homes for sale, creating real estate listings, or planning home improvements. Adding color to the floor plan enhances its visual appeal, making building ideas more specific and vibrant in addition to showing scale.

Our 2D Floor Plan service caters to a wide range of projects, from real estate houses, apartment complexes, medical facilities, schools, shopping areas to marine bases and property renovations such as hotels. Our expert team delivers flawless and unique floor plan services, starting from sketches to digital formats. The output for our 2D Floor plans is available in high-resolution, in the client’s specified file formats such as PDF, JPG, and PNG or as per the scale.

We provide stunning floor plan layouts and designs that cater to various tastes and needs, including:

  1. Door and Windows Plan Layout
  2. Furniture Layout Drawings
  3. Wall Layout Drawings
  4. Electrical Layout Drawings
  5. Top View Floor Plan Designs
  6. Customized Floor Plan Designs

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